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Sheriff's new car and dress.
Last post by stufz in General Discussion on 12/17/2017 02:23 pm
Dec and Jan Content for BF1 - 2017-18
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 12/11/2017 09:03 pm
Sinai map - Broken Bow Arch
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 12/04/2017 12:49 pm
BF1 Latency Icons
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 12/01/2017 08:43 pm
For your Viewing Pleasure
Last post by PapaPayne in Funny n Weird on 11/17/2017 07:04 pm
The TAC server
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 11/11/2017 01:07 am
Nov 8 2017 required dowload for Campaign Ops
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 11/11/2017 01:03 am
Call of Duty World War II
Last post by stufz in Gaming for the PC on 11/10/2017 03:14 pm
My first Friday the 13TH Kill as Jason
Last post by stufz in Gaming for the PC on 11/01/2017 01:57 pm
Arma 3
Last post by SnipahSteve in Your Gaming on 10/27/2017 02:32 pm
Papa aint bragging but ...
Last post by PapaPayne in Your Gaming on 10/19/2017 06:20 pm
Oct 12 BF1 update
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 10/12/2017 07:44 pm
BF1 issues explained as to what's happening
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 10/11/2017 10:20 pm
Battlefield Dev tracker
Last post by stufz in All about BF1 on 09/25/2017 10:23 pm
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stufz: New 2 BF1 maps Today
12-11-2017 5:04:pm
stufz: hullo BC - watsa doing?
12-05-2017 2:14:pm
stufz: Goregile comes to the rescue Wenday
11-14-2017 2:41:pm
stufz: wtf?! a 2.73 GB download on Wed???
11-08-2017 8:07:pm
stufz: yah - DOI is a no-go unless you played CounterStrike
10-13-2017 3:39:pm
stufz: ther is a 2.86GB update today the 12th BF1
10-12-2017 7:06:pm
Roids: not yet, finally got a few days off, hopefully fire season winding down !!!
10-04-2017 7:20:pm
stufz: I see Roids .. is he retired?
10-04-2017 3:38:pm
stufz: Good find, Snipah - I see Rudedog posted an early trailer in July. Looks great.
10-03-2017 3:48:pm
stufz: COD is a bust. lobby matchmaking, its for the adderall kiddies
10-01-2017 1:29:pm
A_VIET_NAM_VET: I think I like the new COD game.
09-30-2017 4:31:pm
A_VIET_NAM_VET: Damn...I leave for a few days and all .... breaks oout!
09-22-2017 9:32:pm
A_VIET_NAM_VET: I will be there.....if I can get it to work on my PC
09-22-2017 9:31:pm
stufz: yea. Lets bring back that SH server, see if Vet notices
09-22-2017 2:23:pm
Roids: Yeah but we kissed and made up !!! LOL
09-22-2017 8:40:am
stufz: I don't do that, Un. Never have but a certain firefighter one time years ago. Saul Good ;D
09-21-2017 2:42:pm
Unacceptable: You want division you got it....go $#%! yourself.....ban me erase me from TBD like the Confed statues....Have a great life baby!!! CYA!!!
09-21-2017 1:43:am
stufz: ok, so your attack of me while gaming on TS is not a conservative's retarded agenda? oh. it was. NM that email to ya about TS rules. Do that crap again and same results - you banging the screen door on your way out.
09-20-2017 1:17:pm
Unacceptable: Ok,good bye guys!!!! I see TBD has gone FULL retard on the liberal agenda....sad but it is a Free country so I'll be seein ya folks in the fuuny papers
09-19-2017 9:27:pm
stufz: un-splaining?
09-19-2017 12:07:pm
Unacceptable: GTA is not really clan oriented...just few folks on my TS to mess around in a fun game.....I met them in the last few weks,so yeah no real clan thing......
09-19-2017 2:30:am
stufz: Vietnam War doc Sun thru Thurs - I'll be vidding
09-17-2017 6:46:pm
stufz: Hows that no clan but wait I have a clan for GTAV going, with TS?
09-16-2017 3:18:pm
Unacceptable: Oh yeah Irma....did very well,a few branches & part of a woodin fence torn down,no big deal
09-16-2017 1:41:am
Unacceptable: LOL I just moved on to play the older crap games that you guys won't play
09-16-2017 1:40:am
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