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Battlefield 2018 rumors so far
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:26 pm Reply with quote

from the TAC or The-Armory site:

Battlefield 2018 (WWII) All leaked info as of now. (24, December, 2017)

Campaign * Will focus on an American squad in WWII * Will have different perspectives of different soldiers that will link together to form the story

Mechanics * Pretty much slightly improved BF1 mechanics * Behemoths will return * Presumably micro destruction similar to BF1

Gunplay * Very similar to BF1, possibly a toned down random bullet deviation adjustment. (Sometimes bullets will go off target) * Prototype weapons will make a return. Like how the Automatico wasnít used in WWI, but rather made during WWI. Except this time itís the WWII time era.

Melee * No more bayonet charging, but you can still use a bayonet on a weapon that allows for one to be equipped. * Most likely going to be almost identical to BF1, but there could be minor adjustments made.

Vehicles * Vehicle play will be more similar to BF4, but will keep some aspects from BF1. * No more auto repair * Tankers can control the main aspects of their tanks now without having to share with other players. * Transport vehicles of course will be similar to BF1 and BF4 * Dogfighting and planes will be much more competitive than BF1, but not as much as BF4. * Planes are faster than BF1, but not as fast BF4.

Customization * Soldier customization will make a return * On your soldier you can change patterns and colors, thatís about it. Very similar to BF4. * No planned facial customization. * Weapons will be more customizable than BF1, but less customizable than BF4. * Similar loadout customization to BF4. * I believe that specific weapons will only be able to be used with specific factions until you hit a certain level. (For example; the MP40 is German. You canít use the MP40 with any other faction until you hit a certain level or meet a certain requirement that is needed.)

Maps * Maps are designed very similar to BF1 in a sense they are very big and open without a definitive boundary to them. * Most likely going to be primarily made for Conquest. * At least 10 base maps. (Thatís one more than BF1 and CoD:WWII at launch)

Censorship and Controversy * Swastikas will be in the game. But you will primarily see the Iron Cross instead. (For example, the swastika can be seen on a German soldier, but not on the flags) * Gore will be on par with BF1 * There will be females, and also other people of ethnic groups. Will probably be like BF1 with females as Russian snipers. Also like how black men are German scouts.

DLC and Microtransactions * Will use similar BF1 system of DLC. Basically buy a season pass and get access to future maps with minor bonuses included. * Strictly cosmetic only.

óóó Battlefield 2019 (BFBC3) All leaked info as of now (28, December, 2017)

Campaign * Will see the return of the original Bad Company squad * Will have Vietnam flashbacks in between each mission; similar to BO2 with going back to the past and back to near future * Will continue BFBC2ís story (Russian invasion of Alaska) * Campaign will allow for both Vietnam and Cold War maps

Mechanics * Destruction very similar to BFBC2. Will use the BF1 destruction engine and overhaul it to allow emulation of destruction on par with BFBC2. * No behemoths or scripted levolution * Theoretically, levolution will be in the game as players can virtually destroy almost anything they want to. * Bullet drop will be a large focus on gunplay * Prone mechanic will be introduced to BFBC3

Gunplay * As previously stated, bullet drop will be a large focus of gunplay * Gunplay will be much more skill-oriented * Similar to BFBC2 but also having strong similarities to BF4ís gunplay.

Vehicles * No planes or jets * Helicopters will be the only known of air vehicles * Mostly focused on transport vehicles * Tanks will be in the game, just not as a large focus point

Customization * Will have a lot of customization compared to BF1 and BFBC2 * Possibly will be on par with BF4 customization and maybe even offer a little more options * Soldier customization will be a more central focus of the customization system

Maps * More focused for the Rush gamemode * More close quarters oriented; similar to BFBC2 * Will span across both Vietnam and the Cold War settings * Will launch with 10 base maps

Gore * Gore will remain mild * Similar to BF4

Microtransactions and DLC * Battlepacks will be cosmetic * No word on premium yet

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