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Hell Let Loose - WW2 pc game in dev - 2018
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The game will support battles of up to 100 players at a time, with infantry, tanks, artillery and a shifting front line. It will feature famous conflicts from throughout the war, beginning with several villages and the town of St. Marie du Mont in northern France, with a 1:1 scale battlefield four square kilometers in size.

Initially, the first theater set in Normandy will pit the faded might of the German OKW against the relatively green forces of the United States Army.

At present, bridges, walls and fences are at the top of the destruction priority list, as this will have significant effect on gameplay, strategy and tactics. Players will be able to shape the flow of traffic across the map by making areas very difficult for armor and vehicles to traverse safely.

The Medic role will play a vital part in dragging, carrying and reviving wounded comrades. We've built a three-tiered system of wounding that reflects the reality of the conflict without bogging the player down with tedious and often contrived mechanics.

If you take a shot to the extremities, you'll be able to deal with it yourself. Getting hit in a vital area will require some professional attention. Getting hit by a mortar round or throwing yourself onto a grenade will turn you into Humpty Dumpty.

Vehicles in the game will be equipped with historically accurate gunsights and levels of magnification. They will have finite ammunition and reflect the types of ammunition fitted during the period. Should a vehicle take damage or run out of ammunition, it can return to base to be repaired and rearmed. We also plan to introduce armoured recovery vehicles for in-field rearming and retrieval for other knocked out vehicles.

Armour will only be able to be driven by a specified role. We have also simplified the crewing system to require two players to operate a vehicle, with optional passengers and commander positions.

Players are organised into groups of six, which are respectively called a Platoon or a Gruppe. To give the sense of more men per unit, each Platoon has the ability to reinforce from their own player-deployed spawn point.

The Engineer role will be able to erect barbed wire, tank traps, machine-gun nests and other emplacements. He'll also be able to lay anti-tank and anti-personnel mine fields, as well as detect and mark enemy minefields.

Obviously, an Engineer cannot carry a battlefields worth of defences on his back.
To construct them, he will have to have supplies delivered to the front line. It will be crucial to have steady and protected supply lines should you want to maintain a strong defensive line.

We plan to release Hell Let Loose on Steam in early 2018.


March, 2016


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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